Saturday 2 August 2014

Thought Picnic: The power of ownership

By rights
There are times when privilege confers knowledge, opportunity, and ability.
A freedom that accompanies position and status, where right and entitlement comes without needing to ask, and if you do have to ask, every challenge to your status can easily be answered.
This is the best position to be in, because no one can cast you as an interloper or impostor.
To own
Ownership is what puts you in this place, ownership conferred by authority or the law, ownership borne of contractual agreement the places responsibilities on parties concerned, ownership by deed, ownership by recognised achievement or ownership by reason of heredity or somewhat bequeathed.
Yet, there are different levels of ownership, it is then incumbent on owners to know what they own and are entitled to own, and exercise those rights of ownership without fear.
This ownership brings access to information you would otherwise not have, this creates knowledge for seeing and exploiting opportunity which hopefully we should have ability or power realise.
And excel
Ownership is a form of excellence, the impetus to perform, and so we must strive to own situations, circumstances, things, positions, purpose and more.
If we own, we are already in a position to fight and fight to keep that which we own, and prevent it from being taken away from us.
We are driven to invest in and protect what we own more than that which we do not own.
So own the moment and own the time, know the place and know the manner.

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