Friday 20 July 2012

Thought Picnic: The Power of Desire

The seed of destruction
It started with a conversation in places that few dare to meet and with a picture whose beauty was as engaging as to be irresistible, one was caught in the gripping claws of the unmentionable.
There in the deepest recesses of the being, the weaknesses that had been so easily exploited by those who could and the yearnings for satisfaction that one longed for in times past had been unleashed, one was to become a slave to a new passion that dare not speak its name.
The messenger from the damned never returned, his work had been done the seed had been sown and soil was fertile having been soiled with the things that time and time brought shame and reproach too many times that it had become the norm.
Like it was 1997
Before they knew it, we found common cause and interest with those who sailed close to the wind in their quest for the inordinate and the debauched, our restraint barely holding us back from reckless abandon.
There was a bizarre safety in numbers and the numbers are not a few, gathered to please and pleasure each other, out of sight, we took the flights of fancy that individually to our lives brought blight we never dared to share.
Dragons be here
Much could be done to resist and some did find strength to desist but the power of desire did insist that we might soon cease to exist.
There is a message out there to those who would hear and it is too clear if you are to retain the company of those you hold dear. Those who have unfortunately crossed the Rubicon may not live in regret but might sound a warning to those behind; on a pill a day for the rest of ones life – dragons be here.

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