Friday 13 July 2012

Thought Picnic: Cheating My Cords and Weigh

Weigh ways
We obsess and we worry about the figure and the body, between the sexes and the issues of health we find ourselves counting weighing, looking, adjusting and reassessing but almost never where we want to be in the heart of our vanities.
I have seen it when the scales showed figures that made me cover my eyes in embarrassment and then when I had to cover my mouth with shock all for all sorts of reasons that now require I keep it stable especially if at one time you lost a whole fifth of your weight because your body was in a fight for its existence.
Weigh bays
Then it mostly came back on but between you and your doctor is the matter of 10kg, he wants you to add more and you want to keep it down that at one time the scale seemed to be the step into the bathroom with memories of the last time I stepped on it and a different that could be a plus or a minus – it really became silly.
Fancying myself a twink, not a rib in sight nor was there fat to pinch as I looked down my trousers to see my feet. Gosh! I’m so thin; I thought as I could not walk through airport security checks without the possibility of a mishap, having taken off my belt for the incongruous war against terror checks that were half a strip tease without the music, taking the joy out of travel.
As the day approaches that I will be visiting my consultant for my check-up again, I would suppose the scales will read a figure lower than I have seen in a while because if I am to free myself from the encumbrance of a belt, only hands in my pockets will keep them up.
Not as if one will go out for a walk without a belt to maintain the dignities and graces one is accustomed to.

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