Wednesday 18 July 2012

Thought Picnic: Loving Beyond Pain

Revealing plain humanity
I am moved by the reaction of grieving parents to the loss of their daughter and the expression of acceptance not bordering on resignation but on forging even stronger family ties.
We learnt that Eva Rausing, wife of Hans Kristian Rausing, the heir to the Tetrapak fortune had been found dead at her home just over a week ago, a death that remains unexplained but at the same time is not thought to involve any foul play.
I am saddened by this news on many levels from that fact that this couple literally had everything in the world in terms of means, they were very generous and in all that, they had their demons; drug addiction.
Love above all
Despite this, they met whilst they were on rehab, had a marriage that lasted 21 years from which four offspring were produced and they all with their near and extended relations must be utterly devastated by this loss.
It would appear from what has been gleaned from the many stories that Eva might have died for some time and her husband either through grief or some other unexplained situation had not reported her death and by reason of that he is being charged with preventing the lawful and decent burial of his wife’s body.
The law can be an ass in the midst of serious human tragedy, not having the means to appreciate to any extent the reasons and the actions of human-beings in circumstances that defy common-sense or reason.
Life without secrets
I appreciate how the family has acknowledged the problems they had and worked to handle them with grace even though none of the problems will have done much to maintain the mystique of great riches and means that they had access to if they needed to convey a veneer of perfection and gloss over those problems.
This has not in any way affected the expression of love, concern and adulation Eva’s parents have for her husband that they addressed Hans Kristian as their beloved son rather than the more legal son-in-law.
More lessons than one
In a time when every event has victims, the hurt and the waiting to be offended seeking revenge, expressing bitterness and running to the courts for criminal and civil redress for real or imagined harm, this example is one of those who might not obtain elusive closure others seemed to pretend to obtain in the satisfaction of vengeance but the positive and warm feelings with which they have accepted this harrowing tragedy will no doubt be a healing balm to all affected.
It is in this spirit that I am moved to express my sincere condolences to the parents of Eva Rausing for the loss of their daughter, to her children, her husband and all relations that they might find the strength and fortitude to bear this loss and that the wonderful memories they have recalled of her will be an enduring legacy of a woman who despite her foibles and her riches was genuinely loved and will be sadly missed.

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