Wednesday 22 June 2011

Thought Picnic: Exploring Therapy

One only alone

Single people can so easily get isolated from the kind of setting and community structure that allows for them to get help with ease and communicate issues before they become complicated.

The benefits of independence when able are quickly dispensed of when one is vulnerable, there are times when the presence of someone to chat to after the social hours is necessary to help unravel and probably sort things out.

In my circumstances, I have found that the openness I am able to express in writing is not that characteristic of my personality, I am somewhat reserved, secretive and private; my mind simply churns like a heavy industrial plant all the issues as I play protagonist and dissenter in my head trying to think through the circumstances.

Reaching beyond yourself

I have found many good solutions and amazing inspiration but there has always been something so amazing about sharing some of those issues with others and their perspectives just seem to ease the burden and show new insight that your self-assessment has never considered and if it has usually not with any persuasion.

Today, I rode out to see a therapist, whilst I am not sure of what I will gain from it, there is need to unburden myself on a number of situations as surviving cancer, the effects of long-term illness, returning to a standard and quality of life that one once knew and the way one projects oneself after having been through all those situations.

The analysis of self

I have just had the feeling that a lot of this I have in some ways brought on myself and then with some stoicism tried to manage myself but you wonder if you still have the strength to keep on keeping on despite the odds and latching on to the great hopes that give you the assurance that your better days are ahead and not in your past.

Would I lay in a couch? Do I have a bit part in Analyse This!? I do not know, but it is not madness to seek the company of professional strangers to think things through, I must divest myself of the cultural reluctance to seek therapy, I hear, it could be very helpful.

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Akin Akintayo said...

I think therapy is a really good idea. I find that as much as being self contained helps me deal with things competently, it also has significant downsides in that i find it hard to ask for help when i need it. It's even more difficult if you are isolated for whatever reason. There were a couple of recent years where i really could have done with someone to talk to but the option of therapy never occurred to me until much later.

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