Wednesday 8 June 2011

Thought Picnic: A Beach of Danger

Beach of danger

There comes a time when the how, when, why questions begin to creep into your thinking like the roaring sound of a tsunami you have no hope of escaping. After life's own earthquake, you watch the waters of the sea recede and you know what is coming next.

High ground is quite near but it is sheer cliff face, the seeming secluded safe harbour of a beach for your own pleasure has now become a deathly trap of impending disaster.

If there is any hope it is for that good fortune of a wave that you can somehow by reason of some fluke ride to safety. The chances of that happening are odds to be played by others; there is a life in danger and in need of saving.

A sort of fatalism becomes the course of thinking, as if what much time is left to do anything than to do everything opportunity offers and damn the consequences.

The consequences are many to grapple with but with threats, ultimatums, dares and warnings lurking from every corner, self-preservation is the paramount goal and everything else will just have to wait for its turn, it seems the struggle to salvage from possible ruin is getting desperate, it better to start thinking of a restart, a rebuild, a recovery, a reassessment and many other relations of some regret too - life just happens and one would just have to make it happen right.

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