Monday 6 June 2011

Johnson Ademola Babatunde - I'm on your case

I can be so evil

All men on earth must be thankful that I am no deity with the ability to visit the plagues of Egypt and the destruction of Pompeii on just one person and still ensure that he not be utterly destroyed but be left to endure pain he has never known and curses like they have never been visited even on Job and sevenfold without reprieve.

My blood boils and my anger will not be tamed because he who seeks to incur wrath like there has been no precedent to refer to has touched what is most dear to me, I will not rest and he will find no peace until he is apprehended and punished severely.

It must be one of the blackest days on the anniversary of the loss of her dear nephew and my loving cousin some rotten scum of the dregs of hell took the advantage of a vulnerable 69-year old mother to inform her that her son was in trouble having had his documents seized and was in need of urgent help.

A mother’s anxiety

Sadly, alarm bells that should rung when he suggested she keep the situation to herself were deadened by what one would call a mother’s anxiety beclouding better judgement.

So, to the bank she rushed to shell out tens of thousands of Naira in aid of her son when in fact she was being scammed – it was when demands were made for more money that she contacted my siblings and basically the penny dropped that whoever it was was up to no good at all.

Not only has it left my mother in serious distress, it was upsetting enough on my end to make me cry.

The detail

The money was paid into a Stanbic IBTC Bank Savings Account number 9304743966 with the account holder name being Johnson Ademola Babatunde.

I cannot say where that person got my mother’s telephone details from but I know that one of my Hotmail accounts was compromised recently.

In any case, I am trying to get all my contacts notified that they should read my blog, contact me, failing which they must discuss any cold calls about my being in distress with others before acting on any instruction to part with money.

In any case, I have contacted Stanbic IBTC Bank and written to them with the hope that something can be recovered of this unfortunate and sordid affair. I expect the bank to do something about it, if not the recovery of the money, they should have details of the identity of this criminal for purposes of criminal prosecution.

The phone number

The caller used +9447024062687, it is probably +447024062687; +4470 numbers are personal numbers which may not be from the UK because it belong in international call forwarding services, the +44 7024 0 range was allocated to Magrathea Telecommunications Ltd in 2005 and the company has been cited on certain scam and fraud watcher sites.

Whoever, this man is, I am coming after you and I will not relent, somewhere, some place, some time, you will slip up and I will have my chopping board and meat cleaver at the ready to take your fingers phalange by phalange to feed to rabid dogs.

Woe betide you for all your days, you have got it coming.

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