Tuesday 24 May 2011

Thought Picnic: Marauding Indecisiveness

Thoughts in a flux

Everything else seems to have been put on hold because of the need of one apparently important issue, getting a job.

Thoughts unclear, pleasure restrained, health plodding along and debts mounting with risks that could be deleterious to livelihood at large.

One fundamental that suffers the most from this is a sense of decisiveness and clear direction; thoughts are rolling over in the mind like a terrestrial animal clutching at straws having fallen into a rapidly flowing stream and just a missed grip or grasp from going under without gills.

For days, it has been do or dare, make or break, decide or procrastinate, save or spend, stay or go – it has become obsessively unnerving that one might just let things flow or damn the consequences.

Life is what you live today and now, apprehensions may matter but they can paralyse you with unnecessary anxiety – a foolishness and irresponsibility once allowed might just be the impetus to be as daring as you might ever be.

This apartment is becoming stifling, the routine does not present objective focus and the ability to think outside the box is like one is really boxed in.

I cannot seem to wear the boot and kick myself up the backside to get on with it.

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