Monday 16 May 2011

Editorial: Sixteenth of May 2011

The laughter of battle

If clowns became kings, maybe we can be royally entertained but the business of the statesmanship and politics will bring the kingdom to great ruin.

The thought of hare-brain ideas like performing circus tricks to make the enemy army laugh to the point of incapacitation that our poker-faced army half-giggling might gain a thumping victory.

Indeed it was buffoonery cum garrulousness that had no other purpose than to draw global attention to what was most vulgar, deplorable and unmistakably uncouth about America all exemplified in one man.

As despicable as they come

For weeks he led a campaign of calumny and debauched and gross assertions that contemned the person and the office of the President as he teased those who liked his tripe with the idea that he might lead.

Though his views lacked substance, seriousness or gravitas he appeared to the lead the polls within a party that had lost its soul to a narrow fringe of presumed constitutionalists that might well have peopled the Boston Tea Party of the 18th Century.

The Wild West had been abandoned for civility over a hundred years ago but there seemed to a frontier force in the making that was willing to fight wars of plunder that would have made Biblical battles like kindergarten finger-painting exercises.

Pricking the buffoon

Then for all the bombast and bluster the President took the wind out of his sails as derision and opprobrium followed and he grasped at straws of redemption that gave with every new utterance that whatever credibility or reputation he had left was nothing worthy of praise or emulation.

An almost ran who has rapidly become a has-been having chickened out of a contest he had no hope in hell of winning when it really came to the brass tacks – it is with regret that we announce that the circus clown will no more be performing.

In case you missed it, Donald Trump who the sensible never expected to get far, who the respectable could barely abide and the cultured will avoid like a plague has withdrawn his unconfirmed, tentative and undecided intention to seek the Republican nomination – would someone now put Jack back in the box, lock it up and let it gather dust in antiquity?

Thank you.

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