Monday 23 May 2011

To a very personal cause

A situation, an appeal

It has not really been clear to me how to generate income from my writing and my opinions. However, I have been happy to maintain a kind of consistency on my blog that precludes the use of advertisements and other gadgetry that might obscure its purpose.

Every once in a while, someone has left a comment saying how they have enjoyed reading my blog or found some usefulness or reference with material I have published and for that I have been very grateful.

I found that Paypal offers a means by which donations can be made with regards to my blog and writing – my cause is not some major disaster to which a massive appeal to compassion and sympathy is being made; it is for me a personal and life-changing situation that started almost two years ago.

The major cornerstones to full recovery and ability are still being laid and this presents the most basic opportunity for anyone if so persuaded to contribute through the Donate button at the top-right hand corner of my blog. [The button now supports International access in English.]

Every little helps and each contribution is greatly appreciated, I might even eventually make a living out of my writing.

Thank you.

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