Friday 11 June 2010

Nigeria: Spousal abuse disgraces king

The deposition of a king
As there was much clamour what mattered was the aftermath of it all and it took almost a whole long two weeks to come, the result of which one cannot quibble about.
The Deji of Akure, Oba Oluwadare Adesina Adepoju, Osupa III, one of the paramount rulers of Yorubaland has been deposed [1], the constitutional arrangement in Nigeria is that a king rules by the blessing of his people but is answerable to the government of the day and in this case the state governor in which the kingdom exists.
Unwarranted aggression
The king was estranged from one of his many wives and with a gang of hoodlums visited the lady, poured noxious and caustic fluids over her and had her beaten up.
When the police attended the fracas, apart from separating the feuding couple and the bystanders who tried to placate the situation they took no particular action predicated on the excuse that it was a domestic spat.
End impunity and spousal abuse
Unfortunately, for the Oba, every local activity now seems to gain global scrutiny and the greater the odium the more the impetus for some action to be taken.
In this respect, two pertinent issues have come to the fore and it should be the beginning of a progressive and welcome situation in marital disputes.
A traditional king should regardless of the power and authority that he wields now realise that the rules of engagement with the community regardless of relationship can no more be one of megalomania aggravated with impunity without consequence – if necessary, the king shall be sanctioned and cannot be above the law – the premise of absolute monarchism is a fantasy at best.
A marital relationship even if estranged does not offer the cloak of exculpation in the event of spousal abuse, if matters cannot be resolved with dialogue then they cannot be resolved – to resort to violence because one has the power to mete out such would invite the full weight of the law, opprobrium and hopefully disgrace.
Societal change should come
The society must no more condone the prevalence of spousal abuse for marital dispute resolution, the law enforcement agencies must have their inclinations realigned to understand that physical abuse, violence, battering occasioning bodily harm cannot be absolved regardless of the causative issues.
The loud and clear message from this dethronement and banishment should be that nobody no matter how highly placed is above the law and when sanctioned for primitive acts like this all favours, dignities and respects would be revoked without redemption.
In disgrace as chapter is closed
One would think traditional rulers should be role models and paragons of uprightness, control, patience and comportment in the face of untenable circumstances – this example is despicable at best and an example should be made of this man with restitution including a profuse apology to the victim, his estranged wife, an apology to his people and at the risk of pre-empting the judicial process a custodial sentence with community service for these heinous sins.
It does make one wonder how a union that was at one time blissful and loving could have degenerated into a street brawl with such vengeful aggression – a king must keep his counsel with wisdom, long live the king but not with acts of impunity.
The people of Akure must hope that the next king would contrast greatly in demeanour and character from the hoodlum that one soiled the revered seat of the Deji of Akure, as for the reign of Osupa III, let the records show that it ended in disgrace, ignominy and shame.

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