Tuesday 29 June 2010

I believe I cannot fly in Nigeria

4 crashes in a year

This is not only cause for concern but outrage, there have now been 11 fatal air crashes in Nigeria since 1995. One can say, the once good air safety record of Nigerian air travel where your could trust that you would get there leaves one in serious trepidation that it is all now more like a getting there on a wing and more prayers than you could mouth as your life flashes before you in milliseconds.

We have lost senior military personnel, precious children, politicians, leaders and everyday citizens to events that are in need of serious investigation and resolution as why air safety records have plumbed the depths of disaster, sorrow and fear.

Hardly a month ago, there was an air crash where senior military officers lost their lives, in the space on just a year there have been four.

There is the possibility that the Sultan of Sokoto was involved in this air crash, however, like all air crashes in Nigeria, we first hear there were survivors, such that history now informs us to fear the worst and hope for the best, till all the facts are out.

Of judgment and action

However, if as it seems, this plane took off in a raging storm and crashed just at the end of the runaway, I can only imagine what foolhardy dare-devilry allowed for this take-off in a tropical storm and the risk analysis that went into this take-off against what might have elicited an alternative expert decision.

That, however, would be speculating on half the facts.

There is a case for grounding all flights in that country with the emergency of getting to the bottom of why these crashes happen from pilot training, aircraft safety, weather monitoring for aircraft turn-around and whether the expert judgment of professionals gets overruled by influential passengers.

I do wish there are many who survived this crash and pray the good Lord grant strength and fortitude to those whose loved one’s perished as they bear their loss.


Plane crash near Nigeria capital

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