Sunday 13 June 2010

Medically happy

All side-effects are good effects
I am most pleased about the physiological reaction to my new medication; it would appear I am quite well adjusted to the drugs. My body responds well to professional medical prescriptions than to self-medicated concoctions.
There was one time when I stayed up late and really had the feeling of being stoned and the at risk of losing my balance, I made my way to the security of a bed and lying down your senses do not have to contend with whether you are standing, falling or somewhere in between.
The vivid dreams can be vivid but no more as terrifying; in fact, they are no different from the dreams I normally have. The sleep is a bit deprived but not something I cannot manage, in fact, I have not called my treatment supervisor since to intimate her on my feelings about the medication, I guess I have been just too cross with her for suggesting sleeping pills as a first resort – I needed to see what pattern was developing before getting back to her.
Changes for the good
The diarrhoea is long gone but I still have the pain patch on, it has been on a quarter of the original dosage for the past two weeks and I have just decided it would eventually fall off for the wearing off of the adhesive component that allows it to adhere to my skin.
I would suppose that would call for some celebration, a meal with some wine – I have been abstemious since August, the taste of some fine wine would not go amiss.
There are other aspects of my health and well-being I need to consider, reducing my intake of sugar, trying some water rather than fruit juice, a bit of exercise and working out on my abdominal muscle firming gym-kit before the moving parts freeze up for lack of use.
The body watch
My weight is racing far ahead of where I have ever wanted it to be, in some cases, it would be considered moving towards the normal weight but I seeming to like the slightly slender look I had from December through March – it does not come free, one either works it out or infirmity forces it on you to your great detriment.
Obsession with looks comes to you at one time or the other hopefully one has the resolve to do something about it before your body runs away from you.

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