Thursday 2 April 2009

Do you need a miracle?

Untrammelled between trams

And I thought as I got on the tram as it wended its way towards a destination close to home, I could be on that other tram going for meal.

Indeed, I could as I was sitting; would I then end up in the other tram sat in a space nudging away whoever was occupying the seat or suddenly find myself standing erect in the aisle then search for a free seat?

It got me thinking about the need for powers and the consequences of having the power to upset the general course of nature.

Appearing to startle

With all the selfish ability to translate myself from one tram to another, I wondered if I had to scout for a place before I left the tram I was in for the other and what state I would be in as I negotiated the possibilities and the consequences.

Maybe, I could in fact be translated but there was the other issue of its effect on my community, the bystanders going about their business trying not to witness anything so stressful after a long day at work.

If I suddenly appeared, how would I have prepared the other passengers for my appearance without startling everyone and scaring them off the tram such that I would have drawn unnecessary attention to myself and ended up being a great sensation but never getting to where I had intended in the first place.

The miracle of contemplation

That thoughtfulness lead me to one conclusion, the need for miracles in most cases can be obviated with adequate contemplation and planning. If minutes before, I had already decided what I wanted to do, I could easily have boarded the other tram naturally without causing distress to either myself or anyone else.

In fact, I do not need a miracle for something I could have properly planned for and anticipated using my God-given intellect and abilities, I could achieve what needs to be achieved without upsetting the laws of nature and creating unnecessary commotion as I ingratiate myself with powers that could have been better utilised in the pursuit of more altruistic goals.

Do you need a miracle?

Suffice it to say that we mostly seek miracles for the trivial, to correct mistakes we have made and to absolve ourselves from the responsibilities we could have shouldered if we dared to be half the geniuses we were born to be.

Whereas, miracles are in essence supposed to be for the impossible, the insurmountable, the overwhelmed – not the difficult but manageable circumstances that at many times were under our control but we refused to assume the responsibility to take control until it became too late to manage in any way.

Would this account for many unanswered prayers? Seeking miracles where basic commonsense should have sufficed – I do wonder what I really would have done if I had the power to be translated from on tram to another or a one fast moving train to another moving in the opposite direction.

On reflection, I really do not need that power or rather the greatest power you can have equal or greater than the miracle you seek is to have contemplated, planned and executed to achieve what you aim for.

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