Saturday 13 December 2008

Feeling like a Saturday morning

The daily grind

I am amazed at how I do Saturday, here I am, someone who has to be up at 6:21 AM precisely or thereabouts after hitting the snooze button a few times.

In fact, it is not so much a snooze button because I have to deftly select the 5 minutes reminder from a list of reminders on a smart phone – you then ask, if I could do that, maybe I should just get out of bed and get on with it.

I eventually do and I am out of the door somewhere between 6:55 AM and 7:05 AM with the view to catch the 7:22 AM to Arnhem so as to be picked up by taxi at 8:38 AM from the station to my office.

Five days a week, a routine unfolds like clockwork; I sometimes do not need the alarm to wake me up such that if it sounds after I am up and about, I am quite annoyed by the thing. In fact, I also have the alarm set for 1:20 AM on Tuesday morning to watch Ellery Queen [1] on BBC2.

Saturday is lay low

Then Saturday arrives and my body clock turns off, though I am up early, the duvet keeps me confined like in a strait jacket and the comfort of more slumber allows me to laze for another few hours.

I might be inspired to get up and blog if something strange comes up on television, but most of those blogs end up on the scrapheap of the unpublished – inspiration nipped in the bud by the desire to laze even more than engage in some cerebral gymnastics.

No itchy feet for so long

Suddenly, it is noon and the day is fast becoming history like yesterday is gone, I have to get out of bed, make breakfast at 13:00, then wonder about what to do during the day – a bit of shopping and all that, I cannot believe I have spent the last 3 months of weekends in the Netherlands.

I am prepared to stay in the Netherlands until I go off on holiday in just about 10 days, where I might just settle into 18 Saturday days - even then, I need to get out.

By golly, what I really do on Saturdays could make a boring vegetable of me – got to get out somehow and do something different and I probably would when it gets to Sunday.


[1] Ellery Queen - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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