Wednesday 3 December 2008

The Nero of Siam

Grounded by the mob of Siam

The rule of the mob has brought Siam down to a standstill because a minority of the privileged could not bear to countenance the idea of the poor majority voting for their government in elections that were supervised by the military.

Now one cannot say that the reincarnations of the recently disbanded ruling party engineered their victories with activities that were above board, but they seemed to be the ones that exploited the populist notion of addressing matters that affect the poor.

The poor of Siam have been sensitised to their democratic privileges and it is unlikely that any party would win elections without engaging the poor and the party that wins would almost always have some sort of link to the parties that the opposition have challenged.

Celebrating amidst turmoil

Meanwhile, the highly revered Nero of Siam who has tacitly allowed the military to overrun democratic choices in a coup 2 years ago and in whose name the anti-government protesters constituted into a mob to destabilise the country and who's justices have abrogated a democratic mandate played the fiddle of attending ceremonies in commemoration of his birthday with his country teetering on the brink of collapse.

This kind of self-preservation of aristocratic privilege in the hope that the institution would endure because of seeming aloofness, reverence, respect as well as the archaic lèse majesté laws, can only serve to create the means by which that institution would collapse and self-destruct.

Lessons of history

The absolute monarchies of Germany, Russia and the Austro-Hungarian empires did not see through the first two decades of the 20th Century because they did not adapt to support the voice of their masses – I am no prophet, but humanity just seems to have a way of failing to learn the lessons of history and tends to allow history to repeat itself.

It is unlikely that there would be a Yekaterinburg1 in Siam, but one did live out his life in Huis Doorn2.

Nothing can happen between the king and I, but like Nero fiddled when Rome burned, what is left to say is etcetera, etcetera and etcetera.


1 Where the House of Romanov was murdered by the Communists

2 Where Kaiser Wilhelm II the last monarch of Prussia spent his last days in exile in the Netherlands

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