Monday 8 December 2008

Five years of blogging - Remember the children

Another year of blogging

Today marks the fifth year since I started blogging, in fact, I had already written a commemorative blog that dealt with blogs, blogging, the way people blog and what makes blogging interesting but I was persuaded of something else.

After over a thousand blog and about 250 blogs this year, I found that I was quite activist on Nigerian issues, political on global changes in government and controversial in historical perspectives.

Nigerian politics

Politics in Nigeria hit a new low as politicians charged with corruption never seemed to lose their allure and the anti-graft agencies were stifled, emasculated and almost made irrelevant. In fact, they who seem to be able to quote the constitution are the ones who could pay lawyers enough to filibuster the judicial system.

Kenya held rotten elections, Zimbabwe held murderous elections, Canada held inconclusive elections, South Africa held no elections but changed leaders, America held change elections, Thailand allowed the mob to discard elections and it is now up to Ghana to prove that Africans can hold free and fair elections.

Apes Obey

Two paragraphs of an analysis given by Lord Lugard in 1922 formed the basis of my Apes Obey! Series – 17th July 2008; which highlighted a contemporary Nigeria that is in need of radical and transformational change – one is hopeful but not yet confident.

However, I dedicate my 5 years of blogging to childhood – the memories I write about that talk of a paradise of childhood never to be relived again, the children who today live in the most harrowing circumstances allowed by their parents, by society and by reprehensible sections of vilest expressions humanity of our humanity.

The throes of childhood

Madeleine McCann remains missing 19 months after she was abducted in Portugal.

Fathers have been implicated in the sexual abuse of their children –The allegations regarding Moji Obasanjo; Nigeria: Divorce mentions adulterous incest – 15th January 2008, the harrowing story of Elisabeth Fritzl; Josef Fritzl: A man apart, an arch-demon indeed – 29th January 2008.

Women who made broods of what should be a loving caring family units; The moral dilemma of mother rabbits – 15th March 2008, the victims being Scarlett Keeling who was sexually assaulted at 15 and murder on a beach in Goa and Shannon Matthews, 9, whose mother was so vile and evil that she schemed the abduction of her daughter for reward. Save the children - From their parents? – 6th May 2008.

Or parents who really thought they were doing right all the time - Mother's love or daughter's hate – 18th November 2008.

Baby P

But the most difficult story must be the one of Baby P [1] whose 17 months on earth must have been a living hell of suffering no one can begin to imagine – whose angel seemed to caught in an interminable slumber as the people with the authority to ensure his safety fought to save their skins rather than the life of the child; Save the children - II.

He no doubt died of a broken heart but the broken bones and fractured spine took this to a limit of cruelty that would make the torture chambers of the Middle Ages look tame – for all who grieve about this matter, we only hope he is in a better place – Oh God! That he really be in a better place.

For all the children who I wish might have even just one day of the joy, the pleasure, the fun I had in my childhood [Many blogs of memories] that sometimes reads so idyllic but was real to m, and that is not enough – the ones who suffer at the hands of their supposed loved ones and adults who should know better – I do hope that when I next write a blog anniversary your stories might become more like mine and the memories I have.

Finally, I thank all my readers and all those who have left comments, you are appreciated and recognised – Thank you.

To Baby P and all the children – My five years of blogging


[1] Death of Baby P - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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