Thursday 25 December 2008

Nigeria: Sack that slovenly Senate

I have to work

In my line of work as a self-employed consultant, I work an average of 20 days a months, on occasion there could be up to 23 days and there are cases where I might have to work overtime. The day consists of 8 hours.

However, because I am not a salaried man, I can only be paid for the approved and signed hours I have worked. For instance, my hours added up to 200 because of some administrative issues in October, they were down to 168 in November and because of my holidays, I have put in only 112 hours in December.

There would be a world of difference between what I took home in October compared to what I am taking home in December – there is probably a break-even point below which what I take home cannot meet my outgoings and then I would be running a dangerous deficit.

When I look at the hours I put in for December, I know for sure that I would not breakeven on 8 days of work which adds up to 64 hours and definitely it would be an administrative loss to my client if I only put in just 8 hours or effectively just worked 8 hours out of a possible 160 hours for all sorts of reasons.

An utterly disgraceful and abject failure

Why am I off on one of my detours of analogy and being a raconteur? I just read that the Nigerian Senate only passed 8 out of 120 bills [1] in the whole of 2008.

If that were an academic score, it would be so below any ranking for a failure, the assessor would seek alternative means of explaining why this might have happened.

In fact, there can be no valid explanation for this but maybe one should be a bit reserved in passing judgement.

They probably have excuses

If 120 bills were presented to the Senate, they must definitely have some inference, reference or possible effect for the Nigerian people, one would assume.

If 112 of those bills could not be passed for any range of reasons one can wonder if the Senate never had time to debate them having been constitutional sitting for at least 181 days of the year. That equates for just about 9 months of working days.

It cannot be that they were only able to pass a bill a month in the whole of 2008, surely, Nigerian issues should attract more attention, urgency, application and seriousness than to have been left to a situation where this appalling result becomes so evident.

This is unacceptable

The Senate has been slow, slothful & slovenly, this is a country where about 70% live on less than a dollar a day and those people do back-breaking work literally everyday God sends and they are still hardly able to fully meet their needs.

These wronged people are then represented by a cable of fully-fed, overpaid, squabbling Senators with their noses in the trough who are pre-occupied with their in-fighting and overcome with corrupt activity that there is no time for them to really engage in what they were employed to do.

There is no institution, establishment or organisation that can abide a kind of result like this apart from an unaccountable, irresponsible and lackadaisical Nigerian Senate that is not in reverence of its electorate and care nothing for the duties they have been assigned.

Sack them all

There is every reason to demand the sacking of the whole Senate with the uproar that should include Nigerians getting a refund for work not done – these people earn about 500 times the pay of Nigerian and apparently have nothing to show for it.

In effect, politics is not working for Nigeria and if no one can do something about this with a clear condemnation of the Senate leadership who should hold their heads in shame and disgrace, we are far off from genuine reform.


The Punch: Senate passes eight out of 120 bills in 2008

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