Tuesday 21 October 2008

Rising from the Ashes of the Bushes

More than hilarity with Hillary

I must have been way behind the curve when I heard Hillary Clinton campaign with Barack Obama early this morning.

Something the presidential campaign seems to offers us a number of perspectives expressed in fetching words that one cannot ignore the import of what is being said.

Little did I know, when Hillary Clinton said, “America will rise again from the Ashes of the Bushes” [1], she had said this a few times before [2], and it gets to the heart of the matter.

In the cases of Bush 41 [3] and Bush 43 [4], their tenure might well be recorded in history as that of poor stewardship – of the economy, of opportunity and of American prospects. They have made a bonfire of every fabric of what exudes American supremacy, status and independence.

They may well go down in history as instigators of change, not so much because they advocated change, but because they created the circumstances in which the people could no more abide the continuation of their policies, the time for radical change had come.

The Republican approach

What I found most striking about Hillary Clinton’s speech was that she moved beyond the context of making John McCain a personification of George W. Bush and simply used the more effective blanket coverage of Republican policies.

John McCain might well have the fine defence of saying that he is not George W, Bush but it would be apostasy to declare that he is not Republican.

As I have hoped, a few more people are voicing an opinion about John McCain’s judgement [5] in selecting Sarah Palin as his running mate and there have been no more a damning assessment of the lady than from General Colin Powell [6] to suggest that she is not ready to be President because that is what a Vice President is supposed to be.

The voice of reason gets aired

The voice of reason seems to be getting louder and clearer to hear within the cacophony of negativity and distractions that pervade every organ of interaction and communication.

It is comforting to hear that Senator Obama is by no means a terrorist, that being a Muslim does not make you a un-American or unpatriotic, that taxes should be reviewed and the issue of redistribution as propounded by some is disingenuous and if Obama were a socialist, one wonders what would be said of the $700 billion government bailout of private enterprise banks.

Reason should and must prevail, this starts from the top at the White House and this allows me to end this piece with Hillary Clinton’s words again – sending the Republicans back to Washington to clean up the economic mess was like “sending a bull to clean up the china closet” [2] – that does not need any further explanation.


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