Thursday 30 October 2008

Nigeria: Jonathan Elendu Released


Our claims to responsible government [1] took a great hit this month when in the month that Nigeria celebrated her 48th independence anniversary a man on a visit to Nigeria to see his family got picked up at the airport [2] on arrival by the State Security Service and became a pawn of unjust harassment amongst state apparatchiks.

I have not been able to corroborate the news from other sources, but SolomonSydelle at Nigerian Curiosity has asserted that she has been in contact with Jonathan Elendu’s family and after being held in detention for 11 days without charge or arraignment, the man is now free [3].

For this I am glad, but not pleased at all about this saga.

The abuse of power

I think it is sickening and outrageous that anyone who suffers at the macabre hands of the rotten abuse of power in Nigeria should seek immediate medical treatment after release from custody and there are many who do for all sorts of reasons, the least of which is most definitely reprehensible.

We do not know if his freedom allows him to pursue his own activities or he is under caution and would be unable to return to his base in the United States.

We would not however relent in our pursuit of fairness and justice whilst seeking that those who have used the state apparatus as a tool of unwarranted menace be brought to book – the country cannot be run by buccaneering malevolents who are accountable to no one and answerable only to megalomaniacal urges.

Meanwhile, the campaign continues – Justice for Jonathan Elendu.


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