Saturday 1 September 2007

Police in toilet misconduct

Foot tap importuning

Once again a lewd conduct situation is about to hound a Republican Senator out of office. The press is running amok with Puritanical sanctimony as analysis and commentary drags out for our recollection every other lewd conduct scandal that has sent many an unassuming politician to a retirement in ignominy.

The new career of self-rehabilitation may never end till the day they draw their last breath and that is very sad.

In America, these situations are even beneath contempt when the police are engaged in what they like to call a sting when really they are agents provocateurs, people who incite to create a criminal situation they have not been able to objectively investigate and resolve.

Apparently, the senator entered a cubicle and tapped his foot in what suppose was the sign to engage in conduct unbecoming, no doubt, the policeman being a consenting party would have responded to the point that a level of risky trust was developed before the police identified himself. I would not go into the analysis of who tapped first, the police were there to catch foot-tappers by incitement or reciprocation.

Solving moral crimes

People in moments of weakness or lewd adventure who are importuned or tempted to yield to the flesh by the law pretending to be a consensual party to some prospective sexual liaison does make one wonder what policing has become.

It is the same tactic that was used to nab George Michael who whilst cruising in a cottage was importuned by a pretty policeman, or as they would have us read, an undercover agent.

Indeed, these activities can be a nuisance in public areas, they are also as it were consensual and victimless, the use of crimes to qualify this activity is to moralise with hypocritically.

I am not sure engaging the police to be pimps or baits in lewd conduct is the best use of tax payers money much as the moralising of the situation gives us the false comfort of ridding our public places of “crimes”, not of the ones that fill us with fear and indignation but the ones that make us feel extremely “holier than thou”.

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