Thursday 20 September 2007

Great Mourning for the Special One

Something money cannot tame

Did I tumble out to slumber to hear that the “Special One” would no more be so special at ¢H£l$€a?

Jose Mourinho stormed into the UK after a successful stint at Porto winning the Champions League.

His colourful and sometimes arrogant posturing and language which many would say was to unruffle, disparage and belittle opponents, officials and the game sometimes brought more fireworks to a quite sedate English football scene.

Alex Ferguson’s brusqueness does not have a patch on what Jose’s verbal diarrhoea could expectorate, it left a majority in near-shock, aghast with palpable disgust and sometimes disdain, but baying to hear what next he had to say before and after a march.

However, it was clear from the onset that a person of Mourinho’s personality and temperament could never be a long-term manager of any team; a maturity and level-headedness seen in Sir Alex Ferguson at Manchester United and Arsene Wenger at Arsenal are virtues almost beyond his grasp - his epitaph to coaching might yet read – “He came, he achieved, he left – abruptly”, but he achieved just as big as his mouth could talk.

Whether that would then be a mark of distinction is debatable – if he does leave English football entirely, his controversy and quotable quotes would be sorely missed – meanwhile, for some, there would be No Mourning for Mourinho.

As for me, one wonders what would be the next phase in what is characteristically turbulent history of Chelsea F.C. where the Blues could as well be singing the blues.

As for Jose Mourinho, we wait to hear the next classic display of bravado, self-confidence and arrogance put into words like – “Please don't call me arrogant, but I'm European champion and I think I'm a special one.”

Good Luck! Jose!

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