Thursday 13 September 2007

May Justice come for the killing of Yanire Izaga

Charged with Murder

The sad story of the death of Yanire Izaga continues as news comes that her highly successful insurance executive father, Alberto Izaga is being charged with her murder.

I wrote about this a few months ago when we heard the news that a two-year old girl who had inadvertently disturbed the Sunday morning lie-in of her parents was battered to pulp, it transpired that she died of head injuries two days later and her father got sectioned under the Mental Health Act.

Now the charge of murder has been made and thankfully, it is not manslaughter because nothing on earth can excuse the kind of treatment that was meted out to a toddler who just was seeking love and attention as any child that has parents would do, the prerequisite of being loving parents should be a foregone conclusion.

The duty of parenthood

If the parents cannot love or the child happens to be an unfortunate result of an unintended impregnation (I cringe at this construction), the child should be put in the custody or other more caring members of the extended family or put up for adoption where many who suffer child-birth difficulties would cherish such a wonderful treasure.

In any case, there is a need for justice to requite this egregious abuse of innocent life as well as the need to make a serious example of this man who must not only regret all his life what he has done, the maximum extent of legal and judicious sanction must be visited upon him.

Alberto would most likely hire the best lawyers money can buy, but apart from mitigating statements to leniency in the strength of condemnation that would come from the bench, any lawyer that attempts the defence of diminished responsibility must have had their hearts heating the pools of fire and brimstone in the depths of the dark world.

No parent can diminish their responsibility of care to that of murdering their child, neither should the mental health institutions allow this to pass for some technicality that would allow murderers of children to return to our streets or sire children ever again.

A mother in murder

For now, I have no words for the mother who regardless of what kind of domestic relationship she might have had with her husband should have done well to shield her daughter from this unspeakable violence.

The law might not find her culpable, but if there is any Great Judgment to face in the future, this must feature very high on her charge sheet.

In the midst of other prevailing issues as the disappearance of Madeleine McCann and the Niagara Falls leaks from the Portuguese police who seem to be excelling at rank incompetence, the matter at hand should be centred around the child – justice for the death of Yanire and delivering Madeleine dead or alive so we can move on with lessons learnt from the strange evil world that our children now find they must inhabit.

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