Monday 17 September 2007

O.J. Simpson stung by his own tail

Paying for your justice

The case against O.J. Simpson concerning the murder of his estranged wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her lover Ronald Goldman fell on the premise that the celebrated lawyer Jonnie L. Cochran introduced enough reasonable doubt in the minds of the jury for them to acquit him.

Regardless of what we might think and I do think he murdered those two people in cold blood, he had a really good lawyer and in America, if you really do have a good lawyer, you will get away with murder maybe not suicide – the irony.

In fact, he had a team of the some of the best legal minds in America, the race card issue was simply part of mix to show just what anyone can do in America if you have the resources.

The civil case brought on the same matter by the families of the victims required a lesser burden of proof and lead to a monetary sanction of $33.5 million of which he has paid little.

Having walked from what should have been by American standards a seating for electric shocks or a lie-in for lethal needles, the man has continually rubbed our noses in the dirt of having cheated the system so deftly.

Stung by his tail

I would not put it beyond complicity or a sting that O.J. Simpson being in jail to be charged for a number of felonies including assault and armed robbery was staged to take advantage of his susceptibility to irrational action and uncontrolled rage.

He has been well and truly nabbed; he would probably have the Judgement Book opened for his sake except where he decides to accede to a plea bargain, but he would do time.

Somehow, he was persuaded that a sports memorabilia dealer was about sell stuff that probably at one time belonged to him, rather than exact the use of the law and legal machinery to get his stuff, he raided the room of the dealer in what looked like a ham-fisted heist.

An audio recording of the altercation appears not to have landed in the hands of the police but can be found on, the online celebrity news rag given to yellow journalism.

Lock the door and smelt the key

O.J. Simpson faces up to 30 years in prison for lacking discernment, discipline, self-control and gross stupidity, if convicted of the charges which would stick because he probably cannot afford to raise Johnnie L. Cochran from the dead to fight this case.

There are many who would prefer that this publicity-seeking miscreant stopped walking our streets, along with the notoriety of his rotten book, it is time he was punished for something, even if it is not the crime many would wish he was going down for.

Like a scorpion, O.J. Simpson might just have been stung by his own tail, he definitely brought this one issue on himself and I bet the more he tries to dig himself out of this hole, it is would end up a deeper hole.

The only problem is there might never be case if there cannot be found in America an impartial jury to sit, it would be hard to find one person who has not be so irked by this cretin in America.

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