Sunday 1 July 2007

The Nigerian Bloggers Aggregator - down too long already

A service missed

I very well appreciate that the Nigerian Bloggers Aggregator is a free service; it means that the resources of time and materials are probably voluntary, and that can be understood.

There might not be many who use this service, but it is my source for whatever is current and happening in the Nigerian Blog world.

However, whoever is the administrator of this site seems to be remiss of the most important element - it provides a service and that service has been down for almost a week.

When a provision grows into a well-used service and meeting point as this aggregator had become, it beggars belief that the responsibilities for keep this site going have not been devolved to ensure that the downtime of the service is kept to a minimum.

Seek help if you must

If the management of the site had fallen onto hard times for all sorts of reasons, it should not have been beyond the acumen of the managers to tap into the user community to keep the site alive.

It would appear the error indicates the server has run out of space or does not have enough memory to complete the operation. That sounds like a design, planning and resourcing issue that could have been avoided.

Failed to execute the SQL query

select i.title, c.title,, i.unread, i.url, i.enclosure,, i.description, c.icon, unix_timestamp(ifnull(i.pubdate,i.added)) as ts, i.pubdate is not null as ispubdate,, r.rating from item i left join rating r on ( = r.iid), channels c, folders f where i.cid = and and not(c.mode & 8) and not(i.unread & 8) and not(i.unread & 4) and not(i.unread & 1) and i.pubdate <= now() and 1=1 order by ts desc, f.position asc, c.position asc , ts desc, asc limit 0, 90

Error 1030: Got error 28 from storage engine

It would be advisable for the managers to wake up to the fact that they have responsibilities that must be seen to regardless of the circumstances of the principals.

I do sympathise if the principals are in any way incapacitated but the service must return and go on - introduce a partnership of friends who can help support the site before my confidence in Nigerian internet businesses is completely sapped.

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