Monday 2 July 2007

Seven things

This tagging business is becoming a fanciful fad of social networking or dare I say busy body snooping into other people's business.

I suppose if I now want to know anything about anyone, I only have to surreptitiously draw up my loaded questions and allow viral-tagging to get it out to person indirectly; ones patience would eventually be rewarded once the intended party unaware of the fact that they have been baited.

By the time you have read my blog from end to end, I doubt if I have anything else to say about me that I have not explicitly or implicitly documented, however, as the tagging tradition demands, I would humour Chxta with my responses.

Is it "blogally" acceptable to reserve the right not to be tagged?

1. I probably over-analyse every bit of information I receive, I view things like light coming out to me from a crystal, what you see depends on the angles you are viewing from; there is always so many perspectives to all sorts of things and because of this I can make assertions but try never to jump to conclusions - I am not perfect though.

2. I generally believe the best of people and expect the best of people, I have been disappointed many times, but something in me strives to understand why people are the way they are and find ways to accommodate them. I can be angry but never for long, I can hold a grudge but it exercises me too much, so it is better to find a way to rationalise and accommodate.

3. I sleep with my lights on and my television or radio on - my imagination and dreams are too vivid to be left to the unconstrained desires others to have a quiet and dark night to sleep. In fact, I cannot sleep if there is no sound about because my ears go into overdrive, I would pick up sounds miles away, if necessary.

4. Religion has been the main schism in my family; it affects my relationship with my parents to the extent that if I cannot cultivate a pragmatic understanding with them, I wonder how I can truly do that with an invisible realm. It drives my passion not to see anyone sacrificed to customs, traditions or religious allegiances just because that is what is always done. Religion has its purposes but I think I am becoming anti-religious.

5. I cannot say if I am addicted to sex, but I do not think I have been faithful, I moved on from "you are the only one" to "you are the best" a long time ago - we all have our needs.

6. I hate life-size statues of human-beings especially if I have to walk by those things at night; there is always this feeling that they would come alive. There is nothing beyond my imagination, I can visualise any situation and circumstance and see it all unfold like a slow-motion picture - sometimes, my mind can be my own horror movie which is why I never watch horror movies - I do not want that input.

7. I enjoy the company of young and old people who have something to say that inspires me; I used to collect quotations and sayings, I seem to try to find an analogy to every situation - it is a trait I have seen in wise people, proverbs have a deeper effect than just blurting out the words - calling a spade a spade.

I shall keep my counsel and tag no one else.

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