Tuesday 24 July 2007

Vigil for the cow eternal

To die or not to die

Activism is becoming the salve of every grievance and we are back to the great message of salvation, the salvation of the sacred cow.

Last week, I raised the issue of a cow which tested positive for bovine tuberculosis and the Welsh Assembly Government had ordered the cow to be slaughtered.

What should have been in an advanced state of decay lives and breathes in a Hindu community of monks at Skanda Vale farm in Llanpumsaint, near Carmarthen, Wales.

A High Court judge granted a reprieve, saving the cow from certain death, but this was appealed by the Assembly and now the order by the Court of Appeal in London has been given to sacrifice the cow on the simple principle of commonsense.

An infected cow is a danger to other cattle, species and possibly humans too, the consequences of which we cannot begin to fathom.

Testing again

Unfortunately, this holy cow, oblivious of its situation would not die quietly, because Hindu adherents are now keeping vigil and praying for the cow to be saved, one would wonder if this is to save it from the scourge of the consumption or from the weapon of the executioner.

As this tale twists and turns like the tail of a happy cow, the adherents have now written to the Welsh Rural Minister asking for a magnanimous gesture of testing the cow again since the original test might have produced a false positive.

Bent athletes who dope would hope to be able to ask for this kind of reprieve after the A sample and B sample have turned up positives, maybe they are all false positives.

This is all a red herring to keep the cow alive for a few more days or weeks and some smart chap or monk cooks up another scheme to convert the sacred cow from mortal to eternal.

It would appear the last resort of civil disobedience and obstructing the path of justice is very well on the table to thwart every way and means to bring Shambo to the bovine gallows.

If this magnanimous gesture of a second test is offered and it returns a positive; what next for Shambo?

If you feel affected by all this, the need to register a protest or want to say the last rites - Visit Moo Tube.

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