Thursday 17 March 2022

Thought Picnic: Exercising the luxury of choosing

The things I control

It is with amusement that I watch myself sometimes unaware of the luxury I have to compartmentalise things or even insulate myself from situations I do not need to be bothered about. There are times I had an obligation to play a role to which if I do have the means and the opportunity, I would register my participation, but that should not be for everything.

In the scheme of things, I am the nominal head of our family, however, we do have our elderly patriarch who is the actual head of the family. On many things, we would defer to him, though there are issues where one would exercise variance, authority, and autonomy in order to gain the kind of pragmatic consensus to involve all concerned.

Where presence offers no essence

I thought about a matter to which on the one hand I would have expected to be involved in all the discussions that I learnt after the fact, then I recognise that I wear a smartwatch that measures stress levels and reflect to myself that what I do not essentially need to be part of presents less of a responsibility to be bothered about.

Just being present to postulate is of no significance, I would not have been able to do anything, maybe offer a different perspective or some insight, but people have been able to make their decisions long before I thought I should be involved, my hands-off approach suits me totally.

I take my time my way

I guess it also informs how I take my time to process things, I try not to jump into situations that are in no need of an intervention I can control. Sometimes, all I need is to be apprised of the situation, so I am not entirely out of the loop of prevailing circumstances.

Indeed, I do have quite a luxury of choosing whether I want to be involved and if I do get involved the extent to which I want to be exposed. For my own wellbeing, I can also walk away at my own choosing.

This might exacerbate the thinking that I have never really been accultured to some way of doing things, but then, I am not trying to impress anyone with what I choose to do. I do what I do out of the level of responsibility I choose to assume, at the time of my choosing, with the resources I have personally decided to commit to that circumstance. It would remain my stance for as long as it is reasonable.

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