Saturday 19 March 2022

Now, for the road forecast

Traffic and people filling Manchester

As I walked to the large retail park to shop at a large supermarket this evening, I did wonder if any of the people who found themselves in cars in and around Manchester city centre had bothered to check the road forecast. I say that because all the streets within the city centre and towards the ring road to the south and west were clogged with traffic.

Obviously, until I was walking back, I could not fathom the reason for both the crowds and the traffic, it just felt like a busy beautiful day, and I am usually the last to know what is going on in my city until, after the fact, I opined that I would eventually find out.

A major roadway closed

On my way out, I used more of the canal waterway towpaths, but on my return, I took the pavements on the main roads and then is when I discovered that a section of Mancunian Way ring road designated A57 (M) coming to the roundabout, underpass, and flyover with slip roads intersecting with Chester Road had been closed off. The underpass that allowed through and bypass traffic for cars not intending to enter Manchester appeared to have road construction vehicles at work.

This meant vehicular traffic was obstructed and the alternative routes became congested leading to long tailbacks and considerable inconvenience. I cannot say why the work was not done at night, though, I have not ascertained if the activity was necessitated by some emergency.

Pass as you like

For those who could, they found ways to pass the idle time, and I remember waving at some ladies in a car calling out to people, the music blaring out of their car at maximum volume. In view of the circumstances, their apparently unladylike behaviour can well be excused.

Everywhere, I had to cross the road at pedestrian crossings, pelican crossings, or at traffic lights, it much did not matter, cars were not moving that we all were basically jaywalking. Then again, we do not have jaywalking laws in the UK, you cross the road with good judgement and at your own discretion. It allowed me to fulfil my 10,000-step threshold for the day, even as I wondered how some drivers would have regretted driving in Manchester today.

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