Thursday 28 May 2015

Thought Picnic: Feuds amongst kith

The wondering
He guessed there were times when his siblings have probably asked themselves whether they all were scions of the same parentage, reared under the same roof and sired by the same people.
With all their different personalities and walks of life, he does see a spectrum with a seam of similarity between them whilst attitudes might well be different.
There is every possibility that with all the opportunities they all had, they might well not have turned out as well as was expected of them, but this was not for the want of trying. All gratitude must still go to their parents for their love and their sacrifices, the siblings all are glad they are both still about, healthy and well, and that is a wonderful story.
The entreating
Yet, a recent encounter and exchange between them revealed a flaw, a division between the respectable and the uncouth visited upon the unsuspecting that it was both shocking and deplorable.
A request that amends be made was grudgingly done before the deployment of religious blackmail to prove a point that would have still not excused the contemptible behaviour.
However, just as many lines were crossed, the order was breached that the forebears might have to be intimated of some new information. The order in which they thought they had their wards is probably not someone in the lower order thinks is the case.
The unyielding
What brings on such haughtiness is surprising, probably an inability to subject oneself to scrutiny, a questioning of authority at every opportunity, a lack of breeding – perish the thought, those before have the most impeccable manners, rebelliousness? Well, that one has always had a rebellious streak, quite more so than the first.
A breakdown has ensued and it is going to get worse before it gets better, if it does get better. The silence of the elders must not be misconstrued as blindness, ignorance, indifference or weakness.
They can choose to ignore just because it is unnecessary to engage, people keep their cool to achieve many ends and choose their words carefully to send a strong message.
The puzzling
At this point for all that have decided to scratch their noses in puzzlement, one has chosen to scratch their nose with the gaping fangs of a viper, and as the reasonable degenerates into the utterly unreasonable, bystanders will shake their heads in wonder, was this not so entirely avoidable?
Yes, the question returns to haunt the present – were they reared under the same roof? Doubts remain, but the truth is there, some allowed instruction and others refused it.

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