Sunday 10 May 2015

South Africa: Catching up on things

A catch-up
After the seeming ordeals of the first few days here, we have turned an interesting corner in the need for people to meet such that opinions and prejudices are not informed by other non-human interaction.
After one single communication exchange where it was important that we do no draw it out much as the grievance was real, a friendship has evolved.
That consequence was the right result and it defined in terms how we could interact and socialise. Much can be done over lunch, the conversation goes far and I got to learn much more about people, persuasions, issues and Johannesburg in the process.
Then I brought my social media connections to life, from Twitter and Facebook, we met for drinks, and for the first time I had nothing to complain about from the hotel restaurant.
A fine night of meeting with friends and making friends, I am warming up to South Africa.

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