Thursday 7 May 2015

South Africa: Breaking a few eggs

From bruising to cruising
I do not like the dark, so I learnt to curse the darkness whilst doing all I can to light a candle and bring some light into my world.
This is the principle that informs my not being a vexatious customer, but one with a requirement that I expect to be met.
The method to this madness as one friend opined was that any action taken brutal and bruising as it might seem has the sole purpose of changing an unacceptable, an inconvenient or an untenable situation into what I want the situation to be.
Moderating behaviour by intervention
It informed my scolding of the parents of an implacably howling child to becalm our train carriage. Despite their ranting and cursing at me, 5 minutes after my scold, the child was quiet and we were all at peace.
At my hotel, I refused to accept there was no Earl Grey tea, I insisted on having it served the next day but making the demand at the reception, much as it might have been imposing, my request was granted.
Then again, I have written emails to people, not so much to have them intervene, but to have an outcome crafted to my intent and purpose, communication does a wonderful job of persuasion and reasonableness to compel people to act favourably.
Break a few eggs
The managed introduction of chaos to create a new order, the breaking of bones to reset a badly healed fracture, the need to go to war for the purpose of a new peace –sometimes, this is what is needed to effect change, to effect new ground rules or to earn the respect you’ve had to demand for.
The hotel service is beginning to look like what I want it to be and a fraught relationship appears to be maturing into a developing and useful friendship. You have to break a few eggs to make omelettes.

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