Wednesday 13 March 2013

Thought Picnic: Aborting peristalsis

A lunch-time malfunction
Suddenly caught within the travails of thought, taste, smell and food which was triggered at lunch this afternoon.
I had ordered beef stroganoff and rice, at the time of the service, it appeared the rice was hot, or maybe the plate was hot because I was getting uncomfortable as I stood at the till to pay as the till broke down.
I settled at the table and spooned the first and second mouthful at which point the mechanics of peristaltic movement seized to function, a massive paper-jam, in my throat.
Tearful choking
I took a few sips of my drink with the hope of eventually easing the blockage without much success; I could breathe but at the same time I was choking.
At which point, I had to run out unto the patio where all I could cough up was the drink, but the choke was still painfully there, I was already in great discomfort and in tears, my colleague that the table completely oblivious of what I had suffered.
Another drink of water did not help, as the time-out for regular peristalsis loomed, the process of ingestion could not be completed, I had to run out again and every that had gone in was seen again as the natural had been aborted for survival – Relief, but that was the end of lunch, I could not believe how much that experience had exhausted me, I was tempted to end the day at work.
Much, much later
Hungry as I was, the next intake I had was some tea about an hour after that, then two pygmy bananas before I returned to my hotel with the hope for supper.
The entrée of taramasalata and warm flat breads went down well but the main course after the second bite suddenly went off to my taste and with the collusion of my memory and my thinking exciting a feeling of nausea, I was in the gents the next minute and that was the end of dinner – I can only wonder what the whole problem was before I begin to worry.
Should I be bothered?
In the first instance, I could surmise that the rice was not really as hot as the plate felt and that could have the tendency of choking you but the event 8 hours after left me more concerned than it was comfortable to be.
One needs to see what tomorrow brings before panic sets in, puréed food or a liquid diet – let’s not go there yet.


Rose said...

ohh , hope you get better Akin and if it does not get better after 3 days, see a Doctor :)

Akin Akintayo said...

Dear Rose,

Thank you, I feel a lot better but I am more careful about choices of food and state of mind.


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