Monday 18 March 2013

Thought Picnic: Thoughts to Decline

Thoughts to decline
Every once in a while in the quiet of my world a thought of dissatisfaction crosses my mind. It usually comes as a bundle cracked open to reveal a dissatisfaction with where I am, what I have done, how I am doing, things I have left undone and other issues that seem to want the attention I have not yet found time to handle.
One must not let the thoughts linger giving depression the seed and ground to germinate. More often than not, I remember there is much more to be grateful for than I can ever fully fathom.
Thoughts to espouse
That is enough to banish thoughts of ingratitude and seething anger for a sense of appreciation for the blessings, good fortune, provenance and luck that has come my way even when I have been the least deserving of all of that.
Things may never be perfect, but I am always nearer a sense of fulfilment than the foreboding of catastrophe and like I have said many times before, life is for living and I had better start living it well, after cancer, you cannot afford the cancer of dissatisfaction to rob you of the will to not just to survive but to thrive too.
The first step to happiness is acceptance, contentment, thankfulness and calm – what can be taken care of will be taken care of and what if beyond me should be beyond bothering me. 

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