Tuesday 13 March 2012

Hospital: All indicators looking good

Unsure and sanguine
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As I contemplated my visit to the hospital this evening, I was not sure of how to feel, though I was expectant of better results than the last time.
The appointment was originally scheduled for the morning but soon after I returned from India I received a mail in the post asking to change it the appointment to the evening or that I phone to reschedule the meeting for my convenience.
However, before going, I was meditating about the so many things I have come through over the years and the continued resolve that my best days are still ahead of me.
The anthems of life
Then I considered life anthems and their seasons that might determine one’s outlook in the midst of a tumultuous world and circumstances that are in flux.
Many will start off with Gloria Gaynor’s I will survive, it is sung with defiant against all odds as you realise that she goes on to sing I am what I am, you have to confident in yourself and be sure of who you are and where you are going.
This morning, it was Labi Siffre’s Something inside so strong that had the greatest resonance, it told me that I know I can make it and nothing will crush me amidst the trials and tribulations with God on my side and friends reaching out as the Wind beneath my wings, I am ready to soar with all that surround me to sing in continuous refrain We are the champions.
Beyond the will to survive is the joy of life when you thrive, thrive in every aspect of life and endeavour, it was that sense of being that accompanied my cycling to the hospital.
Measurements and opinions
The registration began with a measurement of the blood pressure and pulse all of which were in the very good regions, my weight close to where I would like to be though much less than where my consultant will prefer it was.
So, when we met, after exchanging pleasantries and filling him in on all the things I had done since we last met, I noticed he did not have an understudy for the first time in the 9 times we have met up.
Besides, everything is now computerised, and read off the screen though the paper laden hospital file still exists, the matter of weight came up again and off the top of his head he calculated my Body-Mass Index opining that it was in the somewhat ideal range; not much was written down, rather it was the screen, a keyboard, a mouse, menus, scrollbars, buttons, check boxes, dialog boxes and text boxes our takeaways are now having laser printers of various sizes churning out paper and inkjet printers coughing out labels.
All looking good
The tale of the bloods showed consistent improvements over a range of time, I also take it upon myself to ask for at least the last three test results to see how things have changed – you begin to realise that you need to be quite knowledgeable of what is going on in your body and how things are changing – even I was happy about the noticeable improvements as we scheduled our next meeting for almost 5 months hence.
I am happy, I am thankful, let’s live this life and thrive.

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