Tuesday 27 March 2012

Thought Picnic: Losing the might to fight (write)

The will and its fade
I rarely have long stretches of time between blogs because the fact is there is a lot to write about in terms of personal issues and other events of concerns.
Yes, there are times when one suffers the dreaded “Writer’s Block”, a state of having much to write but being unable to start, a psychological feeling overwhelms you into thinking the tasks you have performed with ease are almost impossible.
You can agonise or just leave it be until when you can do what you normally do. However, there is the other issue of life’s turmoil that works to sap every will and inclination to be creative that you clam up completely.
Being just human, that is an experience I am also quite familiar with, I completely clam up – writing nothing, chatting to no one and avoiding places where I have to interact with people who might know me.
Find that old spark
It can go for a long length of time or just for short periods as one tries to find new equilibrium and hopefully some purpose before one is snuffed away having lost every inkling of resilience.
The battle still rages regardless and you can only stay in the tent so long before you have to return to fight those battles and win the war that wrests against all that you hold dear.
One cannot tire, even if it looks like you are about to expire, there is a something inside – a fire, if you have life, maybe you can still aspire.
Where the long writes are not forthcoming, the short ones on Twitter may not be as prolific, God forbid the suffering of “Writer’s Block” on Twitter.

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