Saturday 10 December 2011

Incredible India: The Rite of Passage

Running for the runs

I am back at the inn just before the midday break at some cost because I needed an unscheduled ride from the training centre.

In serious discomfort just after I barely concentrated enough to cover a few topics because I am going through one of those rites of passage.

The passage is used in every sense of the word as in the experience and the visits to little rooms with closed doors, a rumbling belly, pain that fluctuates gradually from almost unbearable to just within the threshold of tolerable.

What aches much is the belly

I have taken much advice, bananas, yoghurt and curd all to bring some comfort to my somewhat contorted visage, the many quite understanding of what I am going through and sympathetic too.

It is called Delhi Belly and a good few trainees have succumbed especially those from the regions where we have not built resistance to the bugs – it is my first time of having travel diarrhoea in all the times that I have travelled to place far too numerous to mention.

Treating India

So, as I lay in bed hoping to get some rest and recovery, the funniness of it all is interesting as some might think, he is not in that much discomfort, else he will not be blogging – you have no idea; I have blogged in far worse situations before, each situation deserves the journaling a blog provides.

In answering an unusually phrased question yesterday, I found that good humour has therapeutic quality too.

Q: How are you treating India?

A: With Imodium.

It is, I suppose a rite of passage to India.


Codliveroil said...

I got the runs (diarrhoea) when I visited Portugal. I had it for 3 days. I caught it from a fish dish (bacalhau [cod]). I was on soups for about another week before I dared eat solid food (I did risk a piece of fruit each day). I hated the fact that I was tied to the toilet for 3 days, and didn't dare stray far from it for that time.

Not much fun, especially if you don't speak the language (Nao falau Portuguese) (in my case Portuguese) . At least in India you can communicate your needs with little effort.

Despite that, Portugal is a very beautiful country. I'm sure will say the same for India (as there is a whole lot more of it to see).

 Do you know what was the offending food item?

Good luck and come back safe and in one piece.

Akin Akintayo said...

Hello CodLiverOil,

Thanks for your best wishes. I really do not know what might have triggered this condition. I have kept off the overly spicy stuff though I have had toasted vegetable sandwiches and milk shakes.Maybe, I should stay off the milks shakes too, I have been stuffing up on bananas and I should get more curd.

I feel much better than I was yesterday.

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