Tuesday 29 March 2011

Thought Picnic: Making choices at difficult times

A time for choices

When faced with stark realities, there are choices that need to be made and the passage of time required to ensure that the choice that is made brings forth the benefit expected.

As you consider and ponder, you wonder and each minute counts to the hour and each hour counts to the day and each day counts to the week and you find the decision has not been made for you to take advantage of the choices you had in the beginning.

You begin to wish every time you had that initial inspiration it was refined enough for you to act on immediately rather than be driven by prevailing circumstances to respond to at some inconvenience.

Making the choice

Everything is however a process, some need spontaneity others need some serious introspection, maybe rumination and discussion leading to a sense of conviction and consequently the confidence to take a particular path.

You pray silently that you always have the means to think right and act wisely when you are at that stage where the future is cloudy, your options are fuzzy and whichever direction you take might well determine the rest of your life.

I can say we regularly come to that stage and hope that age has not wearied the kind of decisiveness that helped the directions you chose before – I am probably too young to be having these kinds of reflection though this is useful enough to realise that change is the only way to remain relevant and it begins now.

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