Wednesday 16 March 2011

Thought Picnic: We bear our own crosses to Golgotha

Questions still unanswered

Our early lives experienced things that are still difficult to talk about, I still have questions I want to ask that trouble me and no one seems to have addressed.

We bear scars of a time when silence was golden, secrets were treasured and exposure was the beginning of incomprehensible shame.

It might have worked for them but I doubt it worked for us; presumably the assumption was we would outgrow those experiences and forget those episodes.

Children are people too

Children are not idiots, our minds are impressionable, and we have created realities from eavesdropping that would make horror movies look like junior Sesame Street.

No greater threat for the wrongdoing of those we trust can be made than to be threatened with those things that terrified you the most that you had to run for cover and succour to those you felt you could trust to protect you from those terrors.

Yet, they did all that with impunity because our culture allows for the heinous to be belittled and counted as naught; children have no feelings and their memories disappear as more consciousness of gratitude for shelter, food, clothing and education come to the fore as the greatest expression of love.

Some perspectives

You wonder why you should live out the failed responsibilities of a proper foundation, surely, we did not ask to be born, however, we exist today with our thoughts, our cares, our tribulations, our trials and those who can view from afar in pity sometimes and in judgement most times.

I cried rivers when I read that line, it was a story of what could have been but never was just because in my view something was not done which should have been done when that which concerned our best welfare was the full responsibility of others.

We bear our crosses

We could agree to disagree that they did their best but at the end of the road travelled, the direction taken at the most important crossroads sometimes the wrong ones as we bear our own crosses to Golgotha making the best of what we have.

Godspeed, it would be well, your laughter shall come like the sound of the floods of Noah, your peace shall come like in the stillness of the days when the divine supped with the first couple, your joy shall be full and all those years shall be redeemed to you better than the restoration of Job. Your best days are ahead of you and I love you with all my heart.

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