Wednesday 1 December 2010

World AIDS Day 2010

Where is the issue?

You sometimes wonder HIV/AIDS is a distant event, a big news story somewhere on some subcontinent where the issue of BigPharma and access to affordable drugs allows for celebrities to find causes.

People live with HIV and people live with AIDS and many have been brought back from the brink of death by reason of treatments that make medicine almost a miraculous act.

The many more who have been fortunate not be touched by this disease are indeed fortunate, I have seen friends go so suddenly when I thought they were doing fine.

Amazing drugs

The drugs do help and there are improvements to the drug regimes that help prevent recidivism the drugs are combined into single pills taken just once a day rather than 5 or more pills taken at different intervals of the day.

In the West there are lots of resources available for treatment, it is no more the death sentence it once was but it is a sentence nevertheless and some find it exotic enough to want to be infected – the logic escapes me.

It is all fine and well that World AIDS Day 2010 has the theme for protecting yourself and others from HIV and that is meaningful message to those who are not infected. Those who are infected have to deal with the issues, the situation and the prejudices that make for the decision to stand out and be counted.

Do you know someone living with HIV/AIDS and is it time for you to understand what they might be going through?

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