Wednesday 8 December 2010

Imagine having blogged for 7 years

In gratitude

Imagine belongs to a day long ago that set the course that became a journey, it is my mind in the words that make up this blog.

Sometimes I read what I have written and how I have disembodied to sail in the waters of my blog to all the seven seas to beaches I dare not land as myself to wonder and to alarm but never in fear, even hostile coasts melted into welcome berths, the earth had become my dock.

More recently, it has been very personal; my story in chapters of pain, angst, recovery and hope, my succour and voice in therapy as I rose from the depths to climb with clambering hands to arms that were outstretched to help and relieve.

I can only give thanks to all those who have visited my blogs, inadvertently or as a routine, as readers who have become acquaintances and then become friends, you have drawn me out, lifted me up and created the profile that makes 7 years of blogging such great fun.

To you I commend the closing of and the rise in its place of my main vehicles of expression and a future as long as we could desire.

How wonderful you all have made it. Thank you very much.


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