Wednesday 15 December 2010

I have a Christmas tree

It has arrived

Give me time and the pictures would arrive soon, there are baubles to buys and fairies to mount, mount atop the tree, I meant.

I went downstairs to the forecourt of my apartment block and got me a potted Christmas tree in memory of my dear Chris.

There wasn’t much time for negotiations, it looked good enough and in the mid-price range so I decided to get it.

Being quite a heavy thing the florist offered to deliver it for a price, surely not for taking it to the lift and putting it in my hallway. I just live upstairs I said and then offered to deliver it free walking with me to my apartment.

Unlike the other trees on offer with contraptions and awkward stands, I can water my tree and care for until I go away probably after Christmas.

Never fail to do the things you could have done and enjoyed together that you are left to do those things just in memory of what could have been.

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