Tuesday 21 September 2010

In hospital a year on

That day last year

It was the fourth Tuesday of September 2009 when I went in for an appointment at the Internal Medicine Department of OLVG (Our Lady of Apostles Hospital), I was in excruciating pain quite unaware that I was so close to death if I had picked up an infection that touched my lungs.

The consultant had one look at my sole and another at me and told me there was a bed prepared for me upstairs, I was in no condition be left without round-the-clock monitoring.

There began my road to recovery which culminated in a diagnosis of skin cancer 9 days later, my first session of chemotherapy after 13 days and my return home on the 18th day.

This day this year

Today, the third Tuesday of September 2010 and the eve of that day in September 2009, I returned for what was essentially an annual check-up after the November, February and May, what a journey it has been.

My consultant was pleased to see me, complimented my dressing once again and we settled down to the detail of the progress of my treatment and recovery.

My blood pressure was good, the level of Vitamin D had improved dramatically, other indicators with my liver functions and so on were fine too. I was not aware that I was anaemic in December, I suppose the doctor releases only so much information to avoid worry and concern that my impact on the recuperation process.

My weight has now gone from the lowest measurement of 64kg in October to 80kg which he felt was encouraging though I probably need to get some exercise to avoid the Michelin Man modelling of my body.

The pills remain

The matter of the immune system was still of concern, despite all other indicators looking good, there has been a slight dip but I have been told it takes time for it to strengthen appreciably.

So, I remain on the same medication I started on in May with the need to monitor the psychological effects of it and as far as my feet are concerned, they both look quite well healed.

I returned the excess medication I had from the discontinuance in May and I learnt it was better to give this to the hospital than the pharmacy, since the former would find good causes to donate the medicines to and the latter would destroy the stuff on the premise that they cannot prove the medicines were adequately stored.

Thanks to all

I am still most grateful and thankful for the wonders of medicine, the expertise of the consultants, the care of the nurses, the compassion of family, friends and neighbours, support of well-wishers and tender mercies of God that have seen me through some of the most trying times of my whole life – I cannot be thankful enough.

However, my Treatment Advisor still wants me to take things easy and not embark of any large-scale projects for at least another 6 months – here, the mind is urgent but the body needs times, I hope I strike the balance between them all.

Next check-up – December.

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