Friday 3 September 2010

Lethargy is hardly fun

Whatever happened to the fun?


I can only wonder what has become of my blogging enthusiasm. There has been so much to write about in August but I could not be inspired to do much.

In the end, my blogs hardly touched double figures, I am not happy about that.

In some ways, there was lethargy, a great distraction from other goals brought on my blog hosting company’s decision to close shop in January 2012.

It might seem a long way away but when I see the footprint I have with my old blog, it would take a while for the traffic that went there to move elsewhere.

The wheelbarrow needs oiling

Meanwhile, I am almost exhausted with moving each brick of my Great Wall of China blog, there are just over a thousand blogs to move, surely, there must be an easier way of getting my RSS version 2.0 blogs to Blogger’s Atom 1.0 XML format imports.

It is amazing that Google has created such a closed system that is it unwieldy to backup their blogs, because there are no selections, it backs up the whole thing and the imports primarily handle Google stuff.

It probably has not occurred to them that there might just be someone who wants to migrate to Blogger too.

It’s here now

However, one must begin to establish the presence of (NL because I live in the Netherlands) I might take up a .com name but that I think would be for something else.

Let’s hope September gets my fingers tapping as those funny thoughts come racing to my fingertips long before I’ve had time to wonder, did I write that?

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