Saturday 3 January 2009

Big Fat Arse Sugar Management

Crazy science for amazing discoveries

Scientific research is almost an obscure activity with reclusive scientists in their clandestine laboratories or backyard garages working on some mad idea that would not survive public scrutiny if discussed at the onset.

Meanwhile, someone somewhere has to sponsor these seemingly hare-brain activities which might first yield a “Eureka” moment and then possibly something beneficial to humankind whilst having some other venture capitalist laughing all the way to the bank having taken an almost incalculable risk that has now come good.

How to keep us breathing in health

An area of research that would never stop is that which pertains to battling diseases that affect us and which sometimes includes experimentation with animals – this for some is unfortunate but for all that we can humanely do to manage the suffering of animals the breakthroughs would eventually benefit both that species of animals and the human race.

I do not see anything wrong with animal testing in the main because the testing of those processes on human beings would elicit greater ethical and legal issues that could become insurmountable.

This is however my opinion, many might disagree with it; that is their prerogative but I would not entertain commentary that becomes disagreeable on this matter.

Animal skin in leather and fur

To put this is context Karl Lagerfeld [1] brings balance to another dimension of animal usage where there is the entire clamour about the use of fur but none about leather shoes, handbags and all other leather goods which are still animal skin but with the hair shaved off.

He goes on to deal with the matter of the few size 0 models in relation to a society that is full of obese and overweight people – obviously, those with vested interests would wail about animal cruelty and role models which again is their prerogative but they do need a wider perspective to the issues rather than their narrow agendas that they purvey.

One should not deny them the fundamentalism and fanaticism of their passionate causes; the will to live might desert them if they cannot bellow from the hilltops, wave their placards with fervour and make appearances on television as “rent-a-soundbite” experts.

However, I detest the way their ability to make noise about their causes visits the menace of the minority on the more tolerant majority whose concerns are rather more mundane and probably more serious as we devote our time to our responsible activities in everyday life.

Big bottom diabetes prevention

Now the rolling gait of African women has its attraction to a particular kind of African man – in Nigeria, certain ladies have to reside in fattening houses to be ready for marriage.

I have sometimes wondered how these women have been able to handle these humongous backsides without the need for radical hip replacement surgery after a while – I have considered this look rather unhealthy.

So imagine my amusement with scientists who have given rats dodo-butts and found out that shifting the fat from around the stomach to having a big backside helps prevent diabetes [2].

I have my doubts about the benefits of having a big backside and being free of diabetes and otherwise going from my comments about the rolling dawdling gait which might just be what tips the scales to a point where the springs break.

What is even more incredible is how the thinking of the scientists involved was able to link big arse cultivation to sugar management in the body – that is the madness of science and the genius of new ideas.

Now imagine conducting such tests on a human-being and realise that there might just be a point in some animal testing.


[1] Karl Lagerfeld defends fur industry saying 'beasts' would kill us if we didn't kill them – The Daily Telegraph

[2] Having a large bottom could help protect against diabetes claims study – The Daily Telegraph

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