Thursday 15 January 2009

Is it The Beast in The Beast?

I do wonder

When I wrote “Is this this man?” [1] last June, I was thinking aloud whilst trying to be circumspect wanting to avoid any controversy.

In fact, it was a comment left on that blog that let the cat out of the bag and unbeknownst to me many more people were thinking along those lines - crazy minds, I'll say.

The name that conjures the audacity of hope only needs to be Googled in close proximity to the name that signifies the end-game for the world and your search results are in a riot.

This is an unusual man with amazing talents brimming with confidence that is almost breath-taking; we are at a point where we all believe that he signifies a change in the world that would bring solutions to many problems.

This is probably a man of destiny, born in season to tackle the most intractable problems that seem to be pervading humankind relentlessly.

The irony is however not lost on me when some joker (surely, someone should have seen the connotations of this) inadvertently decides that the name of his official vehicle is “The Beast” [2] – is the world really coming to an end or are we being taken for a ride?

I won’t even dare check the number plates.


[1] Is this the man? []

[2] BBC NEWS | Americas | Obama's 'Beast' of a car revealed

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