Friday 4 July 2008

Satan's hand in human stupidity as church splits

More Henry than Luther

If I were to compare and contrast the events that have engulfed the Anglican Church worldwide with other seminal changes and schisms in history, I see more of King Henry VIII [Source - Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia] than I see of Martin Luther [Source - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia].

The common thread between them is I find people who have become so cantankerous in seeking their particular brand of fiery bigotry that insulates the church from those who need it allegorically aligned to Henry VIII’s desire for a divorce on not siring a heir – for which he usurped church authority from Rome to achieve his own ends.

Indulgences are what align these people with Martin Luther; in short, we have been indulgent of people whose goal is to pretend to doctrinal differences in order to break up the church.

Breaking away

After the congregation for the schism completed their sojourn in Jerusalem, unwelcome as they were by the Bishop of Jerusalem, they launched a new faith movement called the Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans (FOCA) [Source - Conservative Anglicans form global network | World news |], I could suppose this is an exclusive club for the indoctrinate with no allowance for those who have not become holier than thou.

The works of Satan

However, what I find so utterly annoying is the tendency to attribute sloppiness, lack of planning and out right arrogance to the work of Satan.

Bishop Akinola was refused entry into Jordan from Israel a fortnight ago for visa irregularities and he claims that was satanic [Source - Lambeth Conference not for us – Akinola – Nigerian Tribune].

Looking at the requirements for entry between Israel and Jordan [Source - Jordan from Israel], there is free movement after a number of conditions are satisfied one of which requires the visitor have a visa to enter both countries have them appropriately stamped from the country of departure regardless of whether to have a diplomatic passport or not.

Sloppy and disingenuous

Bishop Akinola [Source - Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia] or his handlers failed to make those simple arrangements and ensure that he would have free passage for his itinerary.

I would suppose the Bishop might have tried to drop names or pull rank, but that is what the Nigerian Embassy should be sorting out if anyone knew what they were doing.

To attribute such sloppiness and lack of effective preparedness to Satanism is just completely out of order and disingenuous to say the least.

Somehow, they save their scruples by quickly switching their coven to Jerusalem where having decided to split from the church they have now decided they would not be attending the Lambeth Conference [Source - The Lambeth Conference Official Web site].

I doubt if they would be missed and it might well turn out a more spiritual meeting helping the church to become more relevant to its community.

But, if homosexuality has so much a strength and potency to split the church, I present both sides of this schism a different dilemma.

Wherefore the Beatie family?

Mr. Beatie was born a female, underwent treatment to legally become a man but retained his female reproductive system. He conceived through artificial insemination and so recently gave birth to a healthy baby girl [Source - Transgender "man" gives birth - Yahoo! News].

Who of the clergy in the finery of their robes and the erudition of their theological schooling would find the Christianly compassion to blessing the child at her christening, baptised her when she comes of age and confirm her when she is knowledgeable about Christianity?

Would Mr. Beatie, his wife, Nancy and the beautiful baby girl be welcome to worship in your church?

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