Monday 14 July 2008

Keys drop into windmill

We are going out

Almost a day too exciting for review it was yesterday.

I had planned to go out to Zaanse Schans, a museum park of old Dutch industrial and handicraft process with windmills and all with a colleague on Sunday.

Late, the day before he had called to invite a guest of his on the tourist jaunt, which was fine with me.

So, putting all plans in place, I did a few Internet searches and found that one of the websites related to the place had been hijacked; probably by some disgruntled visitor who might have had his goolies [Source - Urban Dictionary: goolies] milled at one of those windmills.

Considering one milling stone could be a good 3,000 kilograms [Source Information – de Kat windmill – YouTube video], one would definitely have nothing left to talk of apart from having a vengeance spirit with a grievance.

Printing impossible

One other thing I found so irksome about the website was that it had a very good visual presentation with the ability to scroll down the pages but print-outs were restricted to only what you could view on screen – a complaint as already been sent out to the designer.

I had to copy the text on the page and paste in Microsoft Word to get a full printout of what I was planning on doing.

The plans also included being picked up at noon on Sunday, so I charted the course to the place and printed the route out from my place to Zaanse Schanns on

Batting battered batteries

Such occasions need pictures, a quick check on my camera indicated one had to get batteries, so I picked up the rubbish, the keys to my bicycle which I had not ridden for months, my wallet, my phone and a bicycle pump – just in case.

Jammed the door and as I called the elevator, my neighbours were also ready for a day out.

After getting the batteries, I returned home only to realise that I had left my keys in my apartment – my neighbours were far gone, my other neighbour is rarely in and my cleaner was getting darker still in Senegal.

As there were already plans for the day, the next thing was to get another cane, for there was going to be a bit of walking, I also phoned my colleague to get all the information I had already prepared but left on the ironing board then made out on my bicycle to get a cane.

Opened for canes

The Gentleman’s Hatter was still closed but the shutters up; not sign of the shopkeeper but a recruiting advertisement on the window had a phone number I could call.

Thankfully, the shopkeeper was in, and he let me in to get a cane and handkerchiefs before I made it for the new rendezvous at my colleague’s place in the West of Amsterdam.

The day itself

Eventually, we got moving and arrived just in time to have pancakes, get on a boat tour and visit a windmill – a beautiful day was had by all which ended with dinner at another friend’s.

It was not till just after 9:30PM that I heard from my neighbour’s who were ready to let me in whenever I got back.

When I finally got back at 10:34PM, I opened the door, gave the keys back and wondered about replacing the lock such that I would require a key to lock the door.

This happened to me once before about 7 years ago when I just moved in, then, no one had my spare keys, for a push and tug with a hard plastic sheet, I parted with NLG 175 to have my door opened.

Nice job, if you can it get, but I could do with a lot less stress or learn to walk through solid doors.

Thumbnails of the day out at Zaanse Schans are linked to from here.

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