Tuesday 22 July 2008

Nigeria: God is signing autographs on beef - up North

Suspend it all

Sometimes one has to suspend rationality to be able to exist in some societies. There are parts of Nigeria that make you really wonder if they ever endeavour to find utility in the cranial mass that sits above the neck.

Up North in Birnin Kebbi, the astounding has materialised as the Arabic inscription for God makes an appearance on pieces of beef [Source: BBC NEWS | Africa | 'Allah meat' astounds Nigerians]. In fact, it has appeared on three pieces of beef as the restaurateur now seems to be making such brisk business - there is always a profit element to the discovery autographs.

Not being one to Pooh-Pooh such stories, it made me think about other stories of some deity appearing in all sorts of fantastic places, but to have chosen now to appear on pieces of beef only makes one really wonder if someone had taken a butcher’s knife to the holy cow.

The meat between halal and Allah

Not to be cowed by such rumours, Islamic scholars who have failed to proselytise with meekness have gone to sup at the restaurant and have commented that the beef marks are a sign that Islam is the only true religion for mankind. Bull!

I would contend that the Almighty has put man on earth to make good use of their brains, to ascertain truth through study and to find truth in books, teachings and critical observation involving good analysis; if he has to resort to beef autographs, I think I need to find another deity who knows a bit more about the things he created.

Sadly, the local vet who should know better has been taken in by what can only be a blatant hoax, said the words defied scientific explanation - his stance defies simple explanation.

In all, if the name of God and the name of his prophet appeared on the beef, one can safely say there is a message in the food; whether mastication, digestion and defecation would make the restaurant patrons better Muslims is another matter.

I tire with laughter and cannot find rhyme or reason in this hoax.

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