Monday 7 July 2008

Nigeria: What a bunch of smarmy idiots

Coming apart on itself

It is only in Nigerian politics that the greatest political intrigue and Machiavellian activities happen within the same political party.

The ruling People's Democratic Party in Ogun State - my parent's home state, though what is important is I am Nigerian and I have lived in both the North and the South-West - seems to have taken a hammer to the self-destruct button with a vengeance that none would be satisfied till there is no more to fight for.

Only a few weeks ago through some cloak and dagger means the Speaker of the state House and her deputy were impeached, but it took the best part of week for the people of the state to really find out what was going on, who was Speaker and what was left.

There are still recriminations and mud-slinging between the warring factions that would make an animal-kingdom skirmish look like kindergarten.

Mr. Gbenga Daniel

We now hear that three weeks ago, the governor, Mr. Gbenga Daniel [I have no time for chieftaincy titles that stretch up to Pluto and back twice over] was poisoned [Source – From Vanguard Online Edition Nigeria on Nigeria: Governor Poisoned, Says Chief of Staff] and had to seek treatment abroad twice, supposed to clear his bowels.

Now, I remember Mr. Gbenga Daniel [Source - Official Website of Ogun State] who as a lecturer in the Lagos State College of Science and Technology some 26 years ago who castigated me when on failing my mathematics paper I tried to register for the next course that had the failed paper as a prerequisite.

It was interesting to note that the college realised that they had a problem on their hands that they offered a full term of remedial classes for the course that too many failed to their great embarrassment.

Mr. Gbenga Daniel who has been governor of Ogun State since 2003 has been sporting more chieftaincy titles than you can find from any hamlet to city that dares to have at least one inhabitant in Ogun State and further.

A case of bad oysters, probably

Anyway, I think is it quite a wild accusation to say the governor was poisoned and not offer details as to how, why and where this might have happened.

The probably logical explanation which could have been a simple funny stomach would not be sensational enough. I am fed up with half-measures, if he was poisoned, what was the poison and how was it that it had a slow effect as to have allowed at least a 6 hour trip abroad possibly up to 4 hours after the food was ingested?

Are the police or some forensic team involved in investigating this matter or are we just going to have the governor's opponents splattered with murderous allegations they cannot defend for the lack of evidence and facts?

It is strange that the governor’s handlers did not deem it fit to inform the electorate that their governor was so indisposed with the excuse that they did not want to scare away investors or cause political unrest.

This is the most disingenuous excuse I have heard in the long time – investors would have been scared away long ago when the legislature began imploding and there was already some serious political unrest in the state which is now escalating with the dares to the legislature to impeach the governor.

Sometimes it seems we are being taken for idiots by a bunch of stark raving mad idiots, I cannot abide them any longer.

Why don’t they all congregate somewhere for a food poisoning buffet and the people of Ogun State can mourn for three days and then elect people who really would have their real interests to heart rather than squabble with inanity that leaves one so utterly pissed off completely.

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